keynote speakers

Dr. Cassandra Bradford

Founder of the Run Women's Conference and CEO of Genesis Preferred Solutions.  Exquisite niche consulting firm specializing in M/WBE and Veteran Certifications and multi-million dollar contracts.  Speaker, Author, Humanitarian world-wide.

Shellie Hunt

President of Women of Global Change.  International motivational speaker, trauma expert, and author of Success by Design series and TV executive producer.  Millions have seen her on CBS, ABC, USA Today and CBS Money Watch.

Jennifer Mairo

Philanthropist, Feminist, Published Author and Blogger. Super over achiever  and the producer of the hit show "Real Naija Ladies of Dallas".  Nijerian born, Jennifer exudes self-confidence and an eagerness to help young Nijerian mothers through her works with the Pamela Erere Foundation.



Motivational Speaker, Transformational Coach, Author, Trainer, and an exceptional wife.   

Coaching and speaking are Naomi’s passion. She believes that we should all strive to be transformational leaders from within.  As leaders, we can enjoy building our legacy now and be effective in changing the lives of others. 

Faye Kitariev

 Faye Kitariev is the Founder, CEO, and Creator of i’MAGiNT LiFE™. She is a bestselling author, international speaker, Certified High Performance Coach, and former Olympic figure skating coach     

Faye decided to dedicate her life to studying, implementing, and developing tools for life mastery and to empower, inspire, and teach people these tools so that they can enjoy fulfilling, meaningful lives, realize their dreams, inspire others, and contribute to the evolution of the universal consciousness. 


Teresa Campos is a highly accomplished speaker, entrepreneur, coach and mentor to all those seeking

 Teresa Campos is a highly accomplished speaker, entrepreneur, coach and mentor to all those seeking a more fulfilled life. Her cutting edge program, Your Life’s Design ™, provides participants with insights into the deep rooted impulses that negatively impede their desires.  

 Teresa’s ability to focus her skill as an empath has become very acute over the years – so much so, that reading the language of the human body’s energy system has become second nature. She has learned to identify an individual’s biography stored in the cellular memory of their body and has masterfully combined this skill with astrology, to further deepen an understanding of the reasons for the unfolding of their story    I



Dr. April J. Lisbon is a family coach and empowerment speaker who helps motivate and equip families of children with exceptional needs with knowledge on how to purposefully develop and practice self-care skills while passionately living a healthier lifestyle in their careers, relationships, and health/wellness. She has authored two books, "Stretched Thin: Finding Balance Working and Parenting Children with Special Needs" and “Autism in April: A Mother’s Journey During the Tween Years”. Each book is a reflection of her own lived experiences raising a child with exceptional needs. 


 The only thing Bridgett Renay loves doing more than serving her fellow Veterans is writing. If you let her tell it, the first spoken words from the quiet but observant multiple-time bestselling author were, “I should really write this down” 

As a speaker and coach, Bridgett's acclaimed master class:  "Time Management for the Cubicle Slave" will empower you to maximize what you can accomplish in one hour per day.

Sherri leopold

She currently leads a team of almost 5000 promoters in Le-Vel. She provides a leadership training every week for her growing personal team. 

She is a current contributing editor for Exposure Magazine (since 2017). She contributes for the online, digital, and print formats.

From Grief to Grind is Sherri’s first collaborative book, due out in August of 2018. The book describes how grief impacts our journey to success, and how it can impact our purpose. She is currently at work on her first personal book, which will focus on how important it is to be aware of how we talk to ourselves, and how powerful our own words are.    

dr. natalie forest

CEO, International Executive Consultant, Transformational Business and Life Coach, Keynote Speaker & International Best Selling Author, and Mentor. 

Natalie, America’s Leading Expert in Personal Performance, is Founder of Success Revolutions and Revolutionize Your Potential, a series of educational trainings for individuals and corporations across the globe. Natalie engages leaders, corporate teams, and entrepreneurs to identify consistencies for their success. Her engaging methods and techniques address Human Capital, Leadership, Diversity, and Change Management in business and personal situations leading to increases productivity, teamwork, retention, resulting in higher profitability, authentic fulfillment, and less stress. 


Ms. Lia Abney is a veteran and federally employed with over 20 years of government service.   She is the owner of Lia Abney, LLC which empowers women to pursue their destiny through mentoring and self-assessment service offerings.  She  offers workshops designed and tailored for adults and small businesses through a community collaborated workshop known as “Winning in Augusta” as well as the Winning in Augusta Annual Community Health Fair 

Patrick Sgt. Pushup Parker

Patrick Parker also known as Sgt. Pushup™ is a decorated war veteran, working to make a difference across the United States, and, eventually globally by using physical activity, self-produced educational materials, and community outreach events to increase awareness in the areas of childhood hunger and bullying.   Through his Push-up Campaign challenges Mr. Parker has done over 500,000 push-ups which benefited organizations such as Run Women's Conference, fraternities, sororities, schools, and organizations world-wide.


Mr. Parker has also written and produced “Stop, I Count Sgt. Pushup Unity Jam” a song that is used as a tool to help unite our nation with his message that all count. 

wendy talley

 Wendy Thelese Talley is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker for the last 18 years in Los Angeles, CA.  She uses her expertise in behavioral health to help people live out their destiny on purpose    

 Wendy also, has her own consulting firm, Thelese Consulting Group, LLC in El Segundo, CA.   Currently, Wendy Talley is the corporate trainer and clinical supervisor for postgraduates for SCHARP Behavioral Health.  As a Thought Consultant, she can be found speaking, coaching and mentoring entrepreneurs to develop effective SMART Goals and SMART Time Management skills to achieve the success they so desire.  She is the Author of SMART Goal-... Time Managment Workbook which can be found on Amazon. 

Tuere Harrold Armstrong

As a licensed Real Estate Agent and Escrow Officer I help you to  know the importance of home buying.  I am thrilled to education and continue to educate our clients throughout the closing process and aftercare education. The importance of friendship building is key for all of our relationships and our clients are excited and motivated to reach their home purchasing goals. Our company is built on a foundation of positive morals and integrity. We are educators and ensure our clients are no longer dream chasers and that's not changing !

Tuere helps others understand the power of real estate and how it can leave a legacy for you and your family.  Owning a piece of real estate is like owning a piece of the world.  Invest wisely.  Invest in your future.

sakinah bunch

Featured on ABC and Boss Lady Coaching, Sakinah Bunch, is the CEO of Cleangoodeats, a #1 Bestselling Author, Wellness Ambassador, Relationship Health and Wellness Coach, Mentor, Army Veteran, Army spouse for more than two decades and home educating mother of three.

She created Cleangoodeats, which reconnects families by teaching healthful cooking and holistic wellness by showing people how to make allergy-friendly, gluten-free and specialized meals.  Sakinah learned over the years that balancing work, maintaining a happy, healthy marriage and raising a family with allergies was not an easy feat, so she wrote the book, Wife to Be: A Survivor’s Guide for the New & Not-So Newlywed, which shares her nuggets of wisdom about how she “manages to keep her marriage thriving and family healthy with style, much humor and plenty of Cleangoodeats!”

michelle dawson

 As Founder and President of Catalyst Enterprises International, Dr. Michelle Dawson’s mission is to “help organizations and individuals turn potential into performance.” As an Organizational Strategist with nearly 20 years of experience, Michelle has help hundreds of organizational leaders to discover growth opportunities, increase productivity and implement action plans to achieve measurable and sustainable results. Michelle works closely with clients to develop Purpose-Filled People, Prioritized Plans and Pertinent Processes to yield Peak Performance far beyond their expectations 


As a result, clients are experiencing sustained measurable growth in their businesses that align with their vision, values and desired lifestyle.

Michelle is also co-author of two books, “A VIEW FROM THE TOP: Exceptional Leadership Strategies for Women” and The Female CEO: Pearls, Power & Passion. These books are for the woman who wants to unapologetically stand in the power of their femininity, share the brilliance and uniqueness of their talents with the world, and get paid what they are worth.


"SAVE YOUR MONEY...SPEND YOUR DINERO". Shikilia Caro is a money expert in her field. Mrs. Caro has proven her ability to manage a diverse portfolio of clients. Her belief that knowledge is the key to a successful financial future has equipped her as a leader, trainer, educator, facilitator, coach, Licensed Real Estate Advisor, and Certified Probate Specialist. She has shared her knowledge and experience with others as a mentor and counselor for the National Association for Black Accountants (NABA), a mentor for Junior Achievement, as well as the VP of Public Relations with Toastmasters. She has also served as Vice Chair on the Ambassador Team for The Arlington Chamber and on the Steering Committee for the Arlington Women's Alliance. Additionally, she’s facilitated financial workshops for General Motors and Dr. R.W.G Stem Academy, to name a few. She continues her service to the community as a Rotarian, as a member of the Phased-In Foster Care Project, and as a member of the Board of Directors for RUN Women Cares

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